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Fourth Plinth in London's Trafalagar Square

Posted in Modern & Historical Art, United Kingdom, Worldwide Travel Destinations  by admin on March 31st, 2008

The Fourth Plinth is located in the northwest of Trafalagar Square, in central part of London. It was originally built in 1841 with intention of an equestrian statue but had been left empty for numerous years.  Presently it is the location for specially commissioned artworks. Currently is featured Thomas Schütte’s Model for a Hotel 2007.

Trafalagar is London’s most famous public square which is home to Nelson’s Column. The square has a rich history and is  a platform for new artistic events and performances. There is also a cafe in the square, that is open every day, offering freshly made and locally grown food, as well as hot and cold drinks to enjoy. Trafalagar Square has also been a popular spot for film productions. 

When in London, it’s a must to visit Trafalagar Square and see the latest artworks at the Fourth Plinth.