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India: Taj Mahal

Posted in Sculptures & Monuments, Worldwide Travel Destinations  by admin on May 5th, 2008

Distinguished as one of the “Eight Wonders of the World”, Taj Mahal is considered as the most picturesque monument developed by the Muslim rulers of India, known as the Mughals. This exquisite creation is made purely of white marble. During a full moon, viewers will appreciate the glowing and shimmering appearance of this marble monument located in Agra, India.

History relates that Taj Mahal was built by Emperor Shan Jahan in loving memory of his wife named Queen Mumtaz Mahal. For the love of his wife, the Emperor had the Taj Mahal built to serve as the home of the grave of his dear wife. The burial chamber of Queen Mumtaz Mahal is held on the lower chamber of the mausoleum. When the Emperor died, his grave was also kept in the same mausoleum.

It has been a common practice in accordance with the tradition of the Mughals to change the name of the important ladies of the royal family. This is done during marriage or during some remarkable events in their lives; this name would be their public name that the crowd will be acquainted with. The real name of the Queen was Arjumand Banu, which was later changed to Mumtaz Mahal. Emperor Shan Jahan’s real name was Shahab-ud-din. Prior to being known as Emperor Shan Jahan in 1628; he was known as Prince Khurram. Read the rest of this entry »

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