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Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial

Posted in Sculptures & Monuments  by admin on August 19th, 2008

The Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial is dedicated to the United States soldiers who died or who are still missing in action over the conflict in Vietnam. Soldiers who fought in the war experienced harsh conditions and nobody who fought in the war came home unaffected. Many were underappreciated because of the political climate back home. However, nobody can deny the bravery and dedication of the soldiers who fought there. The Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial is an attempt to honor the memories of those men and women who gave their lives for their country and commemorate the significance of their achievements.

The Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial is located in Constitution Gardens in Washington, D.C. There are actually three separate parts to the memorial including the Three Soldiers statue and the Women’s Memorial. However, the Veteran’s Memorial Wall is the most famous part of this memorial. Nearly four million people visit the memorial every year. In addition to visiting to look up names and honor those killed or missing, many friends and family members bring flowers and mementos to commemorate the memories of their loved ones. These mementos are collected every day and stored.

The wall itself was designed by Maya Ying Lin and is comprised of two walls approximately 246 feet and made of black granite. The wall is engraved with the names of men and women who are either dead or missing in action. The confirmed deaths are denoted with a diamond at the side of their name while those missing in action are denoted with a cross. Every name is in chronological order and consists of nearly sixty thousand names including twelve hundred missing in action. Visitors may look up individual names and find their precise location on the wall with the use of directories. Often people will pray, leave mementos or make pencil rubbings of the name.

The Vietnam War was a controversial time in American history and caused a lot of upheaval in the country. Thousands of military personnel were killed or missing in the war but went underappreciated for many years. The Veteran’s Memorial is an outstanding piece of architecture as well as a commemorative monument to order honor the soldiers who died or are still missing during the war. Visitors from around the world to Washington D.C visit many of the various monuments in the capital city. However, most make sure not to miss this historical monument that is such an important part of United States history.

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