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New York City: Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty

When talking about New York and the places that you should not miss seeing when you visit this world renowned city; Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty should be on the top of the list. These two famous spots are synonymous to each other because the only way to reach the Statue of Liberty is by passing through Ellis Island.

Standing 150 feet tall and weighting 225 tons, the Statue of Liberty is a representation of the good relationship of the United States and France on July 4, 1884. Each year, every 4th of July is celebrated as the freedom and Independence Day of America. The Statue of Liberty has since then become the character symbol of New York.

Things to Do When Visiting the Statue of Liberty

On the 10th floor observatory of the statue visitors will have fun going over the exhibits on display. Another interesting feature that sightseers can take pleasure from is the copper-clad steel skeleton of the statue, which is viewable through a glass ceiling that is also present in the 10th floor. Guests can stroll and wander in the walkway of the statue either led by a ranger or just walk around by themselves.

Leisurely walking around and enjoying the view around Liberty Island and the harbor is enough to provide a worthy experience that is worth the travel.

Riding the ferry is the only means of transportation possible in order to reach the Statue of Liberty. After visiting Lady Liberty, you can take the same ride and alight at the Ellis Island stop.

Activities to Enjoy in Ellis Island

The most remarkable spot in Elis Island is the Ellis Island Immigration Museum. Going around this historical spot will give you the chance to witness excellent exhibits and informative video and audio tapes about the stories of the immigrants who stayed in the place. One of the interesting art collections housed in the museum is the Treasure from Home collections. These are exhibits showcasing family heirlooms brought to the United States. Other features housed in the museum are the Peopling of America exhibit and the Registry Hall.

The Wall of Honor as well as the continuously playing documentary, Island of Tears and Island of Hope provides additional knowledge which is both educational and entertaining.

When you visit New York, make it more memorable by visiting the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

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