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The Moai Statues Of Easter Island

Posted in Sculptures & Monuments, Worldwide Travel Destinations  by admin on May 7th, 2008

About Easter Island

Easter Island is well-known for the massive stone monoliths surrounding the shoreline of this triangle of volcanic rock in the South Pacific. This giant stone structure is known as the “Moai Statues”.

Easter Island is a place that is very far from other communities. This is the reason why the island is referred to as one of the most remote places in the world. Pioneer settlers referred to the island as “Te Pito O Te Henua”, meaning “Navel of the World”. It was Easter Day of the year 1722 when Admiral Roggeveen arrived at the island. It was him who named the island “Easter Island”. Eastern Island is also known to many as “Rapa Nui” and “Isla de Pascua”.

As of the moment, visiting Easter Island will provide you the chance to see of the most distinct places in the world. It is a perfect illustration of a very captivating and intriguing but lost civilization and culture. A visit to the island will give you the opportunity to see a wonderful landscape showcasing volcanic craters, beaches with brilliant blue waters, and most importantly archaeological spots.

The Moai Statues

It was insinuated by Thor Heyerdahl that builders of the statue were of Peruvian descent. Rapa Nui and Incan stonework have close resemblances and this is likely the reason why Heyerdahl came up with this proposition. Stories abound claiming that intense increase in the population of Easter Island catapulted to the destruction of the natural environment of the island. In order to give way to accommodate more spaces for agriculture, some of the Moai statues were torn down and moved. Bloody civil war and cannibalism prevailed resulting to the destruction of all Moai statues in the shoreline of Easter Island.

At present, Moai statues standing in the island are just products of recent archaeological attempts and endeavors.

How to get there

Lan Chile operates flights between Santiago, Chile and Papeete in Tahiti going to Easter Island. Several travel companies offer tour packages complete with hotel accommodation and tour packages. If you are planning to go there without the help of any travel agent, be aware that airfare from Santiago, Chile going to Easter Island will cost around US$800. You can save on lodging if you will arrange it yourself upon arrival to the island. Aside from hotels and guesthouses, there are many private homes that offer a room during your stay in the island.

If you are planning to visit Easter Island, one of the best times to visit the island is during the celebration of Tapati. It would be worth remembering to come and witness how they celebrate the Polynesian cultural heritage of Easter Island.

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